Have Less the Eyewear Worries with This New Vision Express Promo

Have Less the Eyewear Worries with This New Vision Express Promo


Weary from all your eyewear worries? Vision Express has a simple solution!

Raise your glasses (the ones for your eyes, not the one you drink with!) if you’ve
experienced at least one of these situations:

  • I know I used my glasses last night but I don’t remember where they
  • are now.
  • I just bought glasses but I dropped them and the lenses/the frame
  • broke.
  • I keep forgetting them at home.
  • I think twice about bringing my glasses for travel. I just bought them and they might get damaged!
  • I forget about my glasses when I change bags.
  • I definitely need glasses for a different purpose, but it’s too expensive!

If your answer is yes with a matching sad emoji, don’t worry. You’re definitely not

Whether you’ve just started wearing prescription glasses, just started wearing
glasses with no prescription but have UV protection lenses (Breaking news:
radiation is bad for your eyes, and your favorite gadgets are the usual suspects), or
you’ve been wearing glasses for such a long time, these mishaps are pretty
common. What’s more, aging is a significant factor in eyesight-related problems.
You can try every health tip to take care of your eyes, but it’s inevitably normal to
notice changes in your vision as you age.

Here’s one simple solution: it’s time to have two pairs of glasses.

You might think it’s an excess or even a luxury. It’s not a case of being “extra,” trust
us. It’s actually more practical than having to deal with losing, breaking, or putting
up with your old prescription glasses. Aside from the convenience of having a
spare, having two glasses is more functional in the long run. This eliminates your
worry of wearing out your only pair, and having to rush to buy a new one when it

Another advantage of having more than one pair of glasses: now you can adjust
your eyewear according to your lifestyle. Some glasses are simple enough to wear
at home, some are more apt for outside use, and some are perfect for outdoor

Vision Express is the first eyewear shop to realize this need, and that’s why they
came up with their Buy One, Get One eyewear promo.

At Vision Express, you can choose the lenses you need—which come in stylish
frames from leading international brands—and get another pair for free. You can
also take your pick from high fashion sunglasses brands that are available at the

Here’s are some of the brands and special lenses you can choose from:

1. Ray-Ban I-Shapes Octagonal Gold RB6456/2500 with the LUTINA

– Lutina lenses act as a sunblock that offers protection from harmful
rays like blue light.

2. Prada Conceptual – Geometric Attitude *PR 11XV with the LUTEIN

– Lutein Blue Zero lenses filter out 94% of high-energy visible light,
which helps relieve eyestrain.

3. Bvlgari Le Gemme – Serpenti *BV2215KB with AI (Autograph
Intelligence) LENSES

– AI lenses are designed to optically match with your visual needs and
Visual Age with the use of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

4. Dolce & Gabbana Diagonal Cut *DG1324 with LUTINA BLUE LIGHT

5. Coach Signature C *HC 6144 with LUTEIN BLUE ZERO LENSES

At Vision Express, you can choose any branded frame with the special lenses that
cater to your eyewear requirements. And to make sure that you have the right
high-quality eyeglasses according to your needs, you can also take the
comprehensive—and considered as the world’s best—7-step eye exam at any
Vision Express store. This 20-minute exam is conducted by registered optometrists
and is absolutely free.

Visit your nearest Vision Express branch today to get this amazing deal!
For more details, check out visionexpress.ph, and follow @VisionExpressPH on
Facebook and Instagram.

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