The Famous in Frames

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Have you ever seen the TV show, The Beauty and the Geek? The premise of the show pairs up beautiful, not-so-smart women with brainy (OK, nerdy), not-so-stylish men. Now that it’s hip to be a square with the trendy Geek Chic look, you can be both! To prove a point, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite celebrities looking as attractive as ever even while they wear their favorite eyeglasses frames. Seeing how stylish frames can be will make you think twice the next time you decide to reach for those contact lenses.

brad pitt

With just the right amount of facial hair, these frames can make People’s Sexiest Man Alive’s Brad Pitt also look like the smartest man alive.

ryan gosling

The perfect combination of sexy and boy-next-door, Ryan Gosling can wear anything he wants – even a tank top inspired from The Notebook  – as long as he’s got those Barton Perierra frames on.

robert downey jr
Like Tony Stark approving a multi-billion project, we too give our thumbs up for Robert Downey Jr.’s choice of eyewear as seen in the Portland Press Herald.

johnny_depp_glasses_photography_fashion_man_hd-wallpaper-420323 (1)

With his chiseled features and oval face, sensitive soul Johnny Depp looks perfectly sartorial, but we love him especially in his frames and hat combo. Ya savvy?

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 5.25.31 PM

These thick black-rimmed glasses give Rihanna a dose of sophisticated cool. Not everyone can pull over these oversized frames but like anything she does, she makes sure to do it over the top!


Sweetheart Selena Gomez rocks her oversized havana frames that perfectly complement her brown doe-eyed peepers. Kinda makes you want to snuggle up next to her with a good book.


Kate Winslet looks like an absolute Oscar winner in her black-rimmed eyeglasses that she wore as a presenter at this year’s Academy Awards.


Emma Stone definitely gives off the girl-next-door vibe with or without glasses. How would you prefer her?

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